“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla

Seit 2020 illustriere ich in schlaflosen Nächten eine recht persönliche graphicnovel, die den zeitgenössischen Hexen und allen FLINTAs in ihrer quarterlifecrisis gewidmet ist. Arbeitstitel: “Insomnia between worlds”

Es geht darum, die Sonne aus dem Arsch strahlen zu lassen, sich ausgiebig im Herzschmerzleid zu suhlen und sich anschließend in das Licht zu verlieben. Es geht um herzförmige Tränen, um die Zirbeldrüse aka drittes Auge, und um Vibes. Pflanzen mit Menstruationsblut düngen, Bewusstheit kultivieren, diese wieder loswerden wollen und des inneren Hassknechtes wegen schmunzeln.
Es riecht nach divine femininity.

Work in progress.
Light of love
Light I see
I call forth my awakening
Light of love travel now my vordesy.
Round and circle spiral spin
Unblock the lock bring forth what I cannot see.
All that is hidden all that is me
Bring forth my pain that I may heal to be forever free
Light of loveTravel through each part of me
Spiral spin in synergy that I may fufill my eternal prophecy.
I am the earth
I am the light
I set my self free
I travel my internal vordesy
Rainbow bridge from earth to sky
Light of love
I am and will forever be be be be be

”Earth” - lyrics by Merkaba

 coming soon..

My name is Katja Ivanchenko and I’m creating art on paper, canvas and skin. Inspired by dreams and the world of the invisible I’m documenting the personal and collective shift in consciousness.

Through art I want to inflame the observer with a feeling of an inner divinity and honor the yin-energy, our mothers tears and all the witches.

I believe in omnism and would love to see science and spirituality french kissing. One big step towards this fusion might be the rise of the divine feminine.
b. 1994 Kirovograd, Ukraine
based in Berlin

2014–2019 University of Applied
Science, Constance; GER
Communications Design B.A.

2022 TNT Tattoo Parlour co-owner
2020 tattoo apprentice and freelancer
2019 illustration at sons.
2016 branding and naming at ferras

Select Group Exhibitions
2019 K4 Kempten, DE
2018 India MEDS, IND
2017 Schatten Konstanz, DE
2015 Mut zur Wut Heidelberg, DE
2015 Plakatfestival Luzern, CH